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December 21 2010

Bought my first volume of Karneval.
Expecting the next volume to arrive soon. Until then....

Sleep. z.z

December 20 2010

And so it seems that 8#Prince is everywhere these days...

September 27 2010

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Song title: Absolute by Megurine Luka.

Haven't been updating for almost 2 months now. Sharing this video again with everyone else. Love the style of art featured.

July 23 2010


Pissed. Pissed. Pissed.

I have no idea why I'm feeling like this today. Perhaps running to the extreme east of the country to and back, with the bad weather to boot, makes my emotions boil more than it should be. I got annoyed by every single word my mother said to me, especially talking about buying a new clarinet for the symphonic wind ensemble.

Arg, can't think properly!
Tags: Random Stuff

July 20 2010


Culture shock!!!

It's only my second day in school and I'm feeling stressed already. So many things to do...wish I was back in the old days where I could sit around at home and sleep. :'(  :'(  :'( And I'm having difficulty catching up with everyone in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble; the pieces are hard, man! I will definitely catch up with the rest!!!

MUST! WORK! HARD! (Puts on headband with word 'Determination' on and starts working on clarinet pieces given.)

Too tired to do anything, must...sleep....zzzz...

July 17 2010

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Awesome song! Though the video reminds me of something important in KH: BBS... DECO*27, well done once again. :D

July 11 2010


Watch 'Despicable Me' !

Went watching that aforementioned movie in the early morning. It was funny, like the 3D effects. Go steal the moon? Like, the silliest heist ever thought and done.

Go catch this movie.
Ratings: 8.0/10

July 10 2010

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My next addiction after 'Heart Beats'. Man this song's both (semi) depressing and catchy.

July 06 2010


Dancing Israel Soldiers

One word: WTF.

Woah, this video goes viral. I hope this is a good thing because if it's not, well...
*Goes back to watch video again.*

Let's Play! - NAFA Orientation 2010, here I come!

Just received not one, but TWO letters from NAFA this afternoon. Got to rush to the bank tomorrow before submitting some applications to NAFA.

What's more, I'm definitely heading to the Orientation programme next week on the 14th. Man, I feel like going to the Freshmen Dance Party the day after. Man...school doesn't feel so bad after all.

Me (Sarcasm Mode): Thanks for sending me the letters on 30th June. You've been a great help sending these letter on time.

July 04 2010

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Emma, a.k.a. Mieu girl. A good movie, and fortunately she survived the ordeal. Quite bloody for some time, so much blood~

Anyways, back to work.

June 12 2010

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Bunny X Anri. O.o
Meanwhile, I haven't even started on Chapter 5 of Pleasant Days yet. So tired, going to cycle before the writer's block overtakes my body.
Tags: Durarara!!!

June 08 2010

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Weird song, but addictive. First time on the VOCALOID Weekly Charts. Can't find the embed code for this video, NND.
Uraboku Episode 9.

Seriously, even Tsukumo wants Shuse-, no, let me rephrase that. ALL the guys wants Shusei (and Hotsuma). I'm serious here. I heard there are more Zweilt guardians (From volume 3 of the manga onwards, from what I heard.) wanting to get into Shusei and HOTsuma's pants.
Tags: Uraboku

June 07 2010

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Gabe, you pervert. From here, go check it out. I wonder why the developers are so free, posting an entry every single day without fail. Probably finished making the game, showing all the extra stuff not found in the NA version.
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